Cashel Blue Cheese Wheel 1x1.3-1.7 KG


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Rich, creamy sheep’s milk is crafted into an aged, handmade Irish farmhouse cheese. The cheese has a delicate, salty, refreshing edge, offsetting a creamy and slightly spicy blue. Typically aged 4-6 months, this is a full flavoured, yet approachable, specialty cheese. Three-time winner of Super Golds in International Cheese Competitions.

Jane and Louis Grubb started making cheese on their Tipperary family farm in the early 1980s, the first farmhouse cheesemakers in Ireland to create and make a blue cheese. The cheese was initally made in their farmhouse kitchen and sold in local country markets. Cashel Farmhouse Cheesemakers are known for the consistency and balanced style of their blue cheeses, which have been recognised with multiple national and World Cheese Awards.

  • Aged, handmade Irish farmhouse cheese
  • Full and well-rounded flavour
  • Award winning
  • Allergen: milk



Nutrition Per 100g / 100ml

EnergyKjoules 1444
EnergyKcal 348
g Fat 28.8
g Protein 20.4
g Carbohydrates 0.9
g Salt 2
g Sugars 0.2
g Fibre