Gourmet Mixed Bread 20x400 GM


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Oven Bake
Oven Bake

Stafford Bakeries gourmet mixed bread contains 4 x white cobs, 4 x high fibre and carrot cobs, 4 x cornbread cobs, 4 x sourdough cobs, 4 x rye viennas. This selection is ideal for buffet breakfasts and will give variety to an afternoon tea selection.

It’s safe to say that the Stafford family know a thing or two about baking! Having run their family bakery in Gorey for 65 years, they have passed their wisdom and knowledge down through three generations of family and staff. Stafford Bakeries pride themselves on making quality bread, cakes and confectionery for their customers. Sean Stafford Bakeries use traditional methods within a modern bakery to provide great tasting products. They never rush a process and they pride their business on “quality without compromise” allowing their breads to rest and their delicious cream cakes to be baked by eye and finished by hand.

  • Variety of breads
  • Ideal for buffet breakfasts


Gluten / Wheat, Sesame Seeds

Nutrition Per 100g / 100ml

EnergyKjoules 1210
EnergyKcal 289
g Fat 7.6
g Protein 11.9
g Carbohydrates 39.1
g Salt 0.97
g Sugars 3.9
g Fibre 8.2