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Ballycotton Oak Smoked Salmon Sliced (2 sides) 2x1.25 KG


Product Information

The salmon is filleted by hand which ensures minimal bruising, and pin-boned by hand. The boned fillets are dry salted for several hours, and then transferred to racks and the smoking process begins. Ballycotton Seafood's technique uses oak shavings that are wafted over the fish, resulting in finely balanced flavours. The smoked salmon fillet is sliced before finally vacuum-packed to maintain freshness and ensure a longer shelf life.

  • A high-end, premium product
  • Produced in Cork
  • Hand filleted and boned
  • Smoked using oak shavings
  • Sliced and vacuum-packed



Nutrition Per 100g / 100ml

EnergyKjoules 490
EnergyKcal 117
g Fat 4.3
g Protein 18
g Carbohydrates
g Salt 1.96
g Sugars
g Fibre