Wicklow Farmhouse Wicklow Blue 1x1.2 KG

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A deliciously creamy seductive brie cheese, with distinct blue veins causing an exciting flavour to the pallet to be enjoyed. Wicklow Blue is best eaten from 5 weeks of age for the pre-pack and 6 weeks for the wheel. Suggestions for servings include breakfast cheese, deep fried or melted served with chutney and is delicious paired with a full bodied wine and perfect for a cheeseboard. This popular cheese has won numerous awards since it was first produced in 2005.

Wicklow Farmhouse cheese is proudly made from their own pasteurised milk supplied by the Friesian herd from Curranstown Farms.

  • Mild and creamy blue brie cheese
  • Deliciously creamy
  • With distinct blue veins
  • Exciting flavour



Nutrition Per 100g / 100ml

EnergyKjoules 1811
EnergyKcal 438
g Fat 38.6
g Protein 19.1
g Carbohydrates 2.9
g Salt 1.5
g Sugars 0.4
g Fibre 0.7