Gubbeen Cheese 1x400 GM

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Gubbeen Cheese is orangey-pink in colour and has a somewhat elastic texture. Gubbeen can vary in appearance from very pink and pliable, when it tastes mild and sweet, to a darker grey brown, when it tastes more intense and carries a mushroom flavour. Their herd is a mix of breeds: pure-bred Friesians, Simmentals, whose milk is also famously used in Emmenthal, Jerseys, Shorthorns and black Kerry's, a rare, local breed. All of these breeds produce quite low volumes of milk with high solids, which is good for cheese making. This is effectively the only cheese produced on Gubbeen Farm which has allowed Giana to focus all her energy on getting it just right. However, they do have a smoked offering which is the same cheese that has been smoked in a traditional cold smoker. Giana’s husband Tom’s family have farmed at Gubbeen for several generations. Giana came from Spain via France, with a cheese making background. She is responsible for the cheeses; he, the milk.

  • Semi-soft, somewhat elastic texture
  • Washed rind cheese
  • Orangey-pink in colour



Nutrition Per 100g / 100ml

EnergyKjoules 456
EnergyKcal 109
g Fat 28
g Protein 24
g Carbohydrates 1
g Salt 0.5
g Sugars 1
g Fibre