Block & Barrel Traditional Glazed Baked Ham


Product Information

This product is:

Bord Bia
Bord Bia

Farney Foods are the exclusive provider of 100% guaranteed Irish Block and Barrel Ham for Sysco In Ireland. They are fully approved and Certified Board Bia MPQAS member. Block & Barrel Honey Baked Ham is a high protein (20%), low-fat and low-salt, baked ham with zero-added water and is sourced from the Drumlin Hills of County Monaghan.

  • Unsliced
  • Deli counter
  • Sandwich
  • Salad
  • Quiche
  • Non-splittable pack

Nutrition Per 100g / 100ml

EnergyKjoules 436
EnergyKcal 104
g Fat 2.8
g Protein 19.2
g Carbohydrates 0.6
g Salt
g Sugars
g Fibre