Irish Nature Beef Striploin 1x9-11 KG

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This product is:

Bord Bia
Bord Bia

Irish Nature Beef Striploin is cut from premium quality, grass-fed Beef, produced using the unique ABP Ultra-Tender patented process. Irish Nature Beef is fully traceable from farm to fork, hand selected from cattle under 36 months and of consistently superior quality year round. Sysco are dedicated to providing the best of Irish beef to their customers, inspiring chefs to create the finest menus and dishes. Sysco’s exclusive partnership with ABP ensures that they promote and support the best of Irish beef from farm to fork.

  • Roasting/grilling/pan-fry
  • 21 days matured
  • Full traceability from farm to fork
  • Supporting local Irish farmers

Nutrition Per 100g / 100ml

EnergyKjoules 855
EnergyKcal 205
g Fat 13
g Protein 22
g Carbohydrates
g Salt
g Sugars
g Fibre