Irish Whole Baby Turnip 1x40'S


Product Information

Turnip (swede) is a versatile vegetable and is ideal for roasting with honey or can be steamed and served with butter. It has a typical shelf-life of 2-4 days once refrigerated. Sysco are dedicated to bringing the freshest local produce to market, inspiring chefs to create the finest food. We understand that local sourcing is important to our customers and we aim to source from locally based suppliers where available and in season.

  • Roast, steam
  • Ideal for carvery or function events
  • Side dish
  • Saves on preparation time

Nutrition Per 100g / 100ml

EnergyKjoules 98
EnergyKcal 23
g Fat 0.3
g Protein 0.9
g Carbohydrates 4.7
g Salt 0.0375
g Sugars 4.5
g Fibre 2.4